Pullup Genius

 I don’t care that he is  hardly potty trained, my  kid is a GENIUS. And no, I am not saying this because I am his mother. In addition to being super adorable and smart, my son is also a black boy living in a time of #BlackLivesMatter, #MeTOO , and Gender Fluidness. These are a only some of the diversity  issues that were hardly proclaimed when I was his age. As a mom, I must prepare for the fact that he is a black boy living in a world ready to label and misunderstand him. I must also prepare for that fact he is living in a world where he may  label and misunderstand others. For this reason, I want my son to be a culturally, self-aware type of genius that embraces diversity the way one would marvel at the colors of the rainbow. Of course, every genius grows his intellect with a book and my son and I read alot.For this reason, I created this blog space with the intent to review and digest the content of culturally responsive children’s book. @ Johnjohnandme, I purpose  to help mothers of “geniuses” like myself. Together, we will explore books that help us to understand diversity so that our young geniuses can go, grow, and change the world.

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