The Long Ride Home

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 My child does not nap on his own. Honestly, I’m over it. I’m  tired of the whitnoise machines, lullaby playlists, and the endless cups of milk. In my opinion, naptime routines are overrated.  I have come to the point in my parent journey that as long as JohnJohn can nap on his own by  the time he turns 18, it doesn’t really matter. While the naptime routines are tedious and arduous, the toddler nap itself is like a blessing from heaven. For a busy parent like me, a healthy toddler nap is like a spring break rush or like the Friday before a 3 day weekend. Toddler naps are those luxurious breaks in the day when I can do something or absolutely nothing. For this reason, I put my son in the car and we go for  very long soothing drive. I don’t know if its the sun, or the looming hum of the car engine, but this kid is out in 10 minutes! Whoever You Are by Mem Fox illustrated by Leslie Staub speaks to what all children around the world have in common. I wonder if naptime, with its blessings and its curses is also something that  mankind shares in common.

Whoever You are by Rem Fox explains that children have many differences like where they live, the foods they eat, and the language they speak. The story also explains that children must understand that despite these differences, there are things we have in common.

The illustrations in the story are bright and vibrant. The images of the world, the bright ,blue sky and rolling, green landscape reveal that inspite of the world’s vastness, there is something that holds us together. This story gives children the opportunity to explore the types of languages, homes, schools, and food that can be found in other countries. Inspite of the these distinct differences, the story reveals that our humanity is what we share in common. Human emotions like, love, joy, and pain exist no matter the country or continent.  The story ends with a lesson that we must never forget that no matter where we are in the globe, what makes us human is what bonds us together.

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