What in the World???

Yesterday, my 3-year-old grabbed his backpack ran to the front door like he was going to school. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that he can’t go. So we sat outside and ate popsicles at 8am in the morning. During this pandemic, my job as a parent is to distract my son from the fact that there is something horrible plaguing this world. I do this with outdoor fun, playdough, fingerpaint, 100 piece crayon sets, and bubbles galore. But what happens when he begins to understand that something unexplainable is happening. Here is a list of kid-friendly stories that explain the Pandemic and uniqueness of the times.

The  Virus by Miguel Chen illustrated by David Buist, describes how an ordinary day is interrupted by a  very contagious virus. This story clearly describes the events of the pandemic in a way non-threatening way.

What’s on Grandmas Face? by Jessica Lauramore illustrated by Rezdewi Studio-  In this story, the children are anticipating a visit from Grandma. When Grandma arrives, she has a “sheet” on her face. This story helps kids to understand how daily life has changed during the Pandemic, starting with the mask.

Rona Stole My Fun!:The 4 Year Old vs. The Virus by Chandra A Clements illustrated by Tara Rose–  This story humorously describes the impact of the Corona Virus from a young girl’s perspective. This story is a mother(author)- daughter (illustrator) collaboration and is told in a very authentic voice.

One day We  All Stayed Home by Emmie Fairhope illustrated by Nina Nga Nguyen  describes what happens when everyone in Manny’s family stays home. The story is very relatable. Many children can identify with being quarantined at home with their family.

Why is Everyone Wearing A Mask by Debbie Qiu- explains what happens during the Pandemic; starting with answering the question ,”why is everyone wearing a mask”. This story is told in English and Portuguese. 

Beyond the Story

  • Check in with your little one often. Ask them how they are feeling. 
  • After reading, encourage them to ask questions.
  • Ask your little one, “what is something they are currently enjoying?”

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