It’s not a Game……

Have you ever been to the voter’s booth and didn’t recognize a name on the ballot? Have you ever gotten lost trying to find your voters precinct so you decided to just drive home? Have you ever gotten to a polling place and realized that you don’t have the right ID? I HAVE AND I HAVE TO GET I RIGHT IN 2020! Understanding the struggle for voting rights has led me to commit to being a better voter. Voting is a privilege that was given to me by a wave of courageous citizens. I am humbled and grateful for this opportunity. This year will not be the year where I vote for the obvious,-President and Vice President of the United States- but I want to make well-informed decisions about my local government as well… It’s not a game this year, Use the fact sheet below so that you too can make the most informed decision. Keep in mind that this info is mainly for those who live in Tennessee,

When Do we vote in 2020?

  • For state/federal primary and state/county general elections Early voting July 17- August 
  • For state/federal primary and state/ county general elections August 6
  • State General Elections- Early VotingOctober 14th-October 29th
  • State/ General Elections November 3rd.

 Where do we vote 2020?

 You can download the GoVOTETNApp. Enter your name and it will give you info such as your polling location., your past voting history and even sample ballots to mark,( but I didn’t see that).

  1. What positions are Tennesseans voting for in 2020?
  • US Senate, 
  • US House of Representatives, 
  • Tennessee Senate and 
  • Tennessee House of Representative
  • County offices and state officials that have vacancies open

2. Who are the candidates?

I found to be the most informative. Take your time, there is a lot of information. This site is so juicy! It tells what seats are open for election, including President, Vice President, US Senate, US House of Representatives, state senate, judges, even municipal positions. Ballotpedia’s Candidate Connection gives detailed information about the candidate such as the candidates’ priorities, public policies, even their favorite book. This site was extremely helpful. Take your time, there is a lot of information.

What should you bring on election day?

Bring a form of ID such as a Tennessee Drivers’ license, passport, or military ID. If you don’t have an ID? that’s ok. there are so many other options. Click the link to find out more

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Anything else….

I might bring some water, I might not due to COVID

I will have a mask, due to COVID

I will have my phone to use while waiting in case I get bored

I would wear comfortable shoes.

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