WIP’s & Family Life

It can be tempting to become absorbed in the dread of this Pandemic. Rising numbers, long waits for testing, and capacity filled hospitals are enough to overwhelm the most stable minded person. So, what keeps people hopeful? Is that even possible? We should not wait for everything to go back to normal but use the time RIGHT NOW to discover something new to love. Lately, my mother has been giving me life! 30 ish years that I have known her and I have never seen her with yarn let alone a crochet needle. I wanted to talk to her about her newly discovered passion for crocheting. 

Lately, momma and I have been hanging weekly. A casual visit to her house is usual even in the time of the pandemic. We do socially distance and she makes a point to periodically remind me not to get close and wash my hands. I am ok with the risk. If I wasn’t able to see her during this time, it would be debilitating. Our bond is too close for a virus to penetrate.

My mother, Donna Hampton, would describe herself as active and purposeful. Before retirement, she worked as a human resources practitioner for over 30 years. She has two children, my brother and I, and 1 grandson. Before the Pandemic, my mother felt that her quality of life was good; considering her age and family history. She enjoyed spending time with family and friends and having family gatherings.


When she first heard of the pandemic shutdown, she remembers that she was planning her grandson’s birthday. “In all the challenges of my life, this was something that I had never experienced before”. When I heard about the virus, I remembered feeling disappointed in having to cancel my grandson’s birthday party ,but I knew that the risk was too great”. She said that she hasn’t felt stressed since the pandemic, but she does feel somewhat out of control. Her daily routines have been disrupted. Also, she has feelings of uncertainty because she is not sure when the pandemic will end.

Donna started crocheting when her children were young. She didn’t crochet again until the pandemic. Thanks to Youtube she is a self-taught craftswomen.


” Right now I have a lot of WIP’s (Works In Progress). I like to work on two or three projects at a time“. She doesn’t like to feel obligated to any one project. Donna says, “We all need distractions from the challenges of the day. We are out of our normal routines. The COVID quarantine presents an opportunity to explore things about myself that I didn’t know. Everyone should take advantage of this opportunity”.

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