New life, New Normal

There is power in human connections. Little breaths on social media provide opportunities for us to stay unified, talk out our problems, express our hurts, and learn from each other. Social Media is a resource for us to share and receive. Movements and revolutions are beginning with hashtags and shares. I love reading a post where my first response is. “I was about to say the same thing” or, “I thought it was just me”. While routinely browsing my status feed. Last weekend, my friend Jemilah’s status post caused me to reflect.

Teaching children, engaging the Fine Arts, and understanding human anatomy are my close friend’s greatest passions. Before covid19, she felt that life was good. She regularly saw family, visited with friends, and taught dance classes. She also felt that she was mostly busy. Since the virus, there has been a blessed stillness. She now has time to seek to know what God wants for her. She feels that time spent with her family is even more enriching and intimate. And, despite the twists and turns of the virus, this experience has strengthened her faith in God. This virus has helped her to understand how she, as well as others, need God, His love, and His compassion. I have always known her to be, graceful, humble, beautiful and especially wise. Her status post made me pause:

this is a great weekend to write a plan for your family( [focusing on] financial spiritual, health, and education)- things will not go back to being the same, be open to doing things differently.

“Facts”,- Was my immediate response. 

She states that first, she let go of her regular to-do lists. She then focused on the spiritual, financial, health, and educational aspects of her life; and created a new plan on how she would address these areas. She kept her goals but changed her approach to how she would accomplish these goals. The actions in her plan were simple and bite-sized. She learned to be resourceful and obtain the proper education needed to accomplish her dreams. One aspiration that Jemilah has always had was to be trained by teachers from the esteemed, Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre in New York City, New York. It has been since the COVID virus that she saw her dream fulfilled. Virtually, she trained and received feedback from some of the most renowned dancers in the world. She was able to mutually exchange resources with other dancers across the country, and network in the most impactful way.  

When asked, What is the best advice for living during this epidemic? She says, “This is time to launch your own business- especially if your business is global or technology-based. Use this time to follow a dream. Realistically answer the question,” if you lost your job today, what skills could you do ?”. Invest in yourself .Connect with people who have mastered the skills you aspire to. Surround yourself with people who are making contributions; limit your exposure to people who are not.”

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