“That Aint A Bad Look!”

Lately, as JohnJohn gets ready for school, my son likes to remark how handsome he is. I believe that this self-proclaiming attitude he inherited from my father. My father has always known that he “had it going on“. My old man, with the twinkle in his eye, that signature cologne, and turquoise jewelry reveals presence and charisma. When I told my father how much his grandson looks like him, He responded, “ good for him because that’s not a bad look!” These two have extreme confidence and they both know how to self-affirm themselves.

For children, a healthy view of self happens when children can acknowledge, recognize, and have confidence in their goodness. This week I reviewed two great children’s stories that deal with issues of confidence and positive self-affirmation. 

Sarah’s Shadow by Nick Jones

On the first day at school, Sarah is teased because her shadow is tall and skinny. She becomes so upset that she wishes that her shadow go away. Consequently, her shadow walks away; leaving Sarah with a new set of conflicts. This book makes the great point to not take for granted things that others think are flawed. It is a great book to use when talking to kids about insecurities.

How Zoe Made Friends by Jarred Stanton

Zoe, Eliza Ayne Jones has vitiligo, a skin disease that makes her look like she has two different skin tones. Most kids make fun of her and think that she is contagious. She dreads the first day of school but her family is very supportive. What’s great about this book is that Zoe knows how to affirm herself. She knows that she is beautiful. This story also helps kids understand how to weather the storm from being criticized by others. 

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