Why I started Blogging and What’s changing

Before this blog, my life could be described with one word- “heavy”. I was overwhelmed with things that I didn’t like, didn’t want to do, or didn’t feel like doing. I loved my family but I felt I couldn’t enjoy them because of constant mundane and unfulfilling tasks.I desperately wanted an opportunity to take care of my family doing what I wanted to do, and not what I had to do. So one day, I played hooky from work and used 8 critical hours to list my skills, inventory my desires, and survey my strengths. Writing revealed itself as my obvious gift, strength, and desire. JohnJohnandme resulted out of a desire to change my life situation. However, in its beginning, I didn’t feel that it authentically reflected my passions. Then the quarantine happened and George Floyd was unjustly murdered. Angst, sorrow, and frustration consumed me. My blog space became a place to process and release these emotions. Now, I have much to say and such a conviction to say it. Consequently, I remissioned johnjohnandme and received clarity for why this site needs to exist.

JohnJohnandme is a lifestyle blog . In regards to lifestyle,  I speak my truth for my benefit and my audience’s benefit.

Also,  johnjohnandme is a literacy empowerment blog. I review great stories for young and old readers. I also want to find ways to improve illiteracy in impoverished communities. Reading is connected to the wealth of life. (I’ll talk in detail about the relationship between reading and poverty at a later time)

This year is a growing year. But nothing has made the more sense in my life.  

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