Back to School Book Review on Lady P’s First Day

This year’s family vacation was short but heartfelt. We went to the country to visit family. My son was overjoyed. He was welcomed, fed, and showered with love. He tirelessly played, laughed, and made new friends. His huge smile revealed how much he needed and appreciated this moment. I don’t think we realized how this gloomy quarantine was creepily starting to affect us. We needed an opportunity to feel blissful and happy. His day ended sweetly. As we messily ate blow pops, we watched the sunset in the calm of the country. It was the perfect end to the summer. School is starting. I don’t know what to expect. However, this summer trip made me aware of the subtle impact this virus can have on my family. I want to prepare JohnJohn for how things will be different. Also, I want to be intentional about providing opportunities for him to have a somewhat normal school experience. Thankfully, there is a book to address this critical moment. Lady P’s First Day by Robert F. DeFinis covers the most critical issue facing education.

It’s Lady P’s first day of kindergarten. Like the typical kindergartener, she is excited to meet her new teacher and make new friends. Suddenly, “breaking news”, school is closed due to the Corona Virus. As a result, all students must attend school virtually. Instantly, the typical first day of school becomes an experience like never before.  

This story is reassuring. Most of the questions that kids might have about virtual school, the story answers. Also, this book helps young readers to understand that learning is not restricted to the classroom-“Sometimes learning starts in one place and ends in another”. Additionally, this story helps students to understand that some things don’t have to change, but some things must be adjusted. Lady P can’t see her friends at school, but she can meet with her friends for playdates. This story ends giving hope that one day kids will be able to safely return to school. 

By Robert DeFinis ED.d

Pages 23

Ages 5&up 

Beyond the story Before you open your students laptop, I recommend that you open this book first. Also, I suggest revisiting this story, when/if you notice your child feeling frustrated, overwhelmed or disengaged with his/her virtual experience.

  • Ask your young student, “how do you think Lady P feels about attending virtual school? Then ask, “How does he/she feel about attending virtual school?”
  • Ask your young student to predict ,”What does he/she thinks Lady P will like about this school year?” Ask your young students ,”what does she like about this year?”
  • According to the story, learning starts in one place and ends in another. Have your child make a list of things they want to learn. Include these topics with their virtual learning. For example, have kids make a list of foods they would like to in eat in their personal cafeteria or make a list of fieldtrips he/ she would like to attend.

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How was your child’s first day of school? What is the best advice for parents on how to survive the year? Comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

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