My Book Review for I Almost Forgot About You by Terry McMillan…reconnecting? or nah?

Lately, I have been reading too many technical, “how to”, research, and self help books. I’m tired of working on projects and figuring things out. I need a break. I have been craving a gossipy, tea sipping page turner. Terry McMillan’s novel,I Almost Forgot About You, did not disappoint. This book was everything I needed it to be.

Georgia is 50 years young living in  San Francisco, California. She is an optometrist and owns a private practice. Georgia married twice and suited several lovers between marriages. One day a patient arrives for an annual check up. This patient  happens to be the daughter of a college sweetheart.   The  patient happens to be the daughter of Georgia’s old love flame. The patient reveals that her father has died. This news prompts Georgia to reconnect with her past lovers in an effort to reconcile and heal parts of her life. 

While I appreciate how Terry develops the  characters, I found this book to be quite conflicting.Whether or not it’s a good idea to reconnect with your exes is debatable. Yet, this very  issue makes the book great and a challenging read. While reading this story, I tried not to judge Georgia,but seek to understand. Georgia wonders if the best part of her life is behind her. I can relate. What I admire about Georgia is that she is making decisions to reinvent her life. As I grow older, I understand that sometimes that’s important. This book is suspenseful. Each chapter, you wonder how well her “ex-men” have living for all these years. I even found myself hoping that she would have the opportunity to put new fire on old flames.

Its important for me to state that I have no desire to ever return, reconnect, rekindle, or  reimagine…EVER!  For me, the past is in my rearview. With me and ahead of me is a future with a man that I am honored to share.  We are forever and always and I’m proud of that. 

John and I. I love me some him

This book is a perfect girlfriends book. Share it. Listen to Georgia. Seek to understand her. What would you do? Would you try and reconnect with your exes? Comment below. If you have read comment and share  your thoughts

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