New ways to say hello in a virtual classroom -My Childrens Review for How Will I Say Hello by Mary Catherine Hillman

Since the COVID Quarantine, Zoom, Marco Polo, Skype, and messenger have become very routine in our home. I wonder, “How old will I be when cell phones become obsolete and virtual communication is the standard way people connect?” I’m not ready for the virtual shift, but I believe that my 3-year-old son and his generation will be. Virtual classrooms are driving us into the future, and children across the country are pioneering this new territory. But How will I say “Hello”? by Mary Catherine Hillman addresses the virtual classroom experience and describes how kids can stay connected.

Kids anticipate and enjoy greeting their teacher at the door to their classroom each day. Suddenly, the Corona Virus changes this routine. However, this story does not focus on the misfortunes of the virus. This story optimistically focuses on what will change. The teacher teaches new ways for her students to greet each one another; while safely social distancing. They can say hello with the wink of an eye; with wiggly jazz hands, or a safe elbow bump. Saying hello becomes even more expressive than the routine hug or regular handshake. The story reveals that there is a silver lining to this virus,. It reveals that even though routines change, there might be something better. 

 Add this story to your child’s personal library or your student’s classroom library. Use this book to maintain hope for children. This story helps explain the idea that it’s not the end, things have simply changed. Use the book to encourage children to stay connected.

Suggested Read age 6-9
published : 2020 Hawf and Hawf Books, New York City
illustrated by Stephanie Wenny

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