Quote of the Week Johnnie Taylor “I believe in You”

“One thing I can say about

The people of the world today

They see you with a good thing

They want to take it away

“But I believe in you

You believe in me too, yeah- Johnnie Taylor

Me, minding my good business; cruising one ,early Saturday morning.

My local radio station plays Blues every Saturday morning.Last weekend,  Johnny Taylor’s   “I believe in You”  made me pause. The lyrics are raw and poetic. This song  tells the story of  two lovers whose love is tried and tested. However,  they acknowledge that  their commitment is stronger than the trials they face. To me, this song applies not just to the devotion between lovers, but also to any valued relationship that has weathered many storms. Like Johnny, It’s important to recogonize the people we value. We must appreciate those  who stood with us when we were wounded, argued our best interest; and gave their shoulders to lean on. 

There is no question that 2020 was a pill. Whose still standing with you in 2020? Do you have loved ones that faced this year’s challenges  with you? Have you recognized those family members in that virtual chat group? Have you thought about that friend that found ways to overcome, the social distance?. We all h have someone who   “stayed down” for us in 2020. Johnny says:

“We had our hard times

And almost didn’t make it

We always worked it

Never tried to fake it

But I believe in you

You believe in me too”

Humbly acknowledge those friends and loved ones who stayed committed . Those relationships are certified ,tried and tested.

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