It’s not a Game……

It’s not a game this year!! Use the fact sheet so that you too can make the most informed decision for this year’s 2020 elections.

WIP’s & Family Life

It can be tempting to become absorbed in the dread of this Pandemic. Rising numbers, long waits for testing, and capacity filled hospitals are enough to overwhelm the most stable minded person. So, what keeps people hopeful? Is that even possible? We should not wait for everything to go back to normal but use the time RIGHT NOW to discover something new to love.

New life, New Normal

My friend Jemilah has been always known her to be, graceful, humble, beautiful, and especially wise. Her status post made me pause: “this is a great weekend to write a plan for your family( [focusing on] financial spiritual, health, and education)- things will not go back to being the same, be open to doing things differently.” I sat down with her to talk in detail about what she meant.

Why I started Blogging and What’s changing

Before this blog, my life could be described with one word- “heavy”. I was overwhelmed with things that I didn’t like, didn’t want to do, or didn’t feel like doing. I loved my family but I felt I couldn’t enjoy them because of constant mundane and unfulfilling tasks.I desperately wanted an opportunity to take care… Continue Reading →

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