Peace, Tranquility, Hope..repeat

Have you ever been so tired that your body hurts and you desperately wanted to rest, but life moved so fast that it just wouldn’t allow you to? That’s how the past 3 weeks have been for me. On accident, I think I wore the same thing to work two days in a row. The infamous COVID-19 pandemic changed the state of the world within the passing of a swift moment. It’s always been my habit to watch the local news in the morning, read the national headlines during lunch, and watch the national news in the evening. I prided myself on how well I stayed informed of the day’s current events. However lately, every time that I engage myself with anything having to do with the local, national, or even the weather channel; it causes the back of my neck to get hot, my chest to get tight and my heart to beat fast. For the past 3 weeks, I haven’t been able to sleep past 4 am. I have had to have a glass a wine with every dinner meal. The constant frenzy and panic surrounding this virus have taken my anxiety to places that I have never been to. Therefore, I have decided that in my life I’m giving anxiety no more power. I hold onto peace, hope, and joy with everything in me. My prayer is that somewhere in the world a mother or father is being healed from this virus. I will let my faith tell me that somewhere in the world a scientist has come up with a cure. Right now, my blog space has a greater purpose. The power of the writing pen is what calms me and gives me hope. For my readers, I hope it does the same. With that being said, One Big Heart written by Linsey Davis with Beverly Davis illustrated by Lucy Fleming is blessing my heart right now.
One Big Heart takes place in a classroom with children engaged in various learning activities. The children are all shades of color. The story emphasizes how each student has unique features such as dimples, missing teeth, and different hair textures. This story also tells about how these students enjoy different things and have a variety of talents. The story ends by explaining that the most important thing that kids have in common is a loving heart…
have dimples, others, have missing teeth. Some have talents like singing and acrobatics. Some like to read, while others like to dance. This book speaks to uniqueness. It is a great thing to embrace our different backgrounds and cultural identities, but it’s even better to teach children to embrace their individuality and uniqueness. These differences go beyond the color of our skin and deal with the differences at the core of who we are. There is also a message of acceptance. It’s ok if you look different, play different, and think differently. The story ends poignantly by explaining that in spite of our differences love is what keeps us in common. Love is what we need right now…Love is what our children need right now.

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  1. First let me send a prayer of healing, peace, and joy your way.
    This book will be a part of my future library for early learners.
    Thanks for all your wonderful recommendations 🌹

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